Danish Children's Hits in Bib for Kids!

This year, ZFF is offering you an insight into Danish films intended for the youngest film lovers. Bib for Kids, our special program intended for elementary-school kids, presents four feature-length and five short films from Denmark.

One iconic children classic will be shown in Cinemas Europa and MSU. It is Pale Alone In The World (1949), directed by Astrid Henning-Jensen. It is an adaptation of the famous children's book about the ultimate children's fantasy: What would it be like if we were alone in the world and could we do anything we want?

The program also includes the big Danish hit film Max The Movie by Lotte Svendsen. Its hero Max is about to enter adolescence and has troubles with his hyperactive mother who keeps saying wrong things in wrong time, mostly when Max is accompanied by his friends. Max wants to be cool enough to charm his classmate Ofelia, but his plans always go wrong. He is a child version of Woody Allen and always makes some wrong moves. The film was a big hit in Denmark. A popular TV series with the same protagonist later ensued.

We were first introduced to Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal's work when his 2010 thriller Deliver Us From Evil was shown in the ZFF side program. This year we are presenting his children's film with elements of horror, The Substitute. The plot begins when a new teacher comes to a sixth grade. Everything seems normal in the beginning, but the children soon start to believe she is from another planet. The acclaimed Danish actress Paprika Steen (The Idiots, Festen) plays the good-natured villain.