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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 22. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
385 1 45 93 691


Main programme | Checkered

Posljednja pričest
Ivan - Goran Vitez, Croatia

As Good As Dead / Ko živ ko mrtav
Josip Visković, Croatia

Somewhere Nowhere / Pušča Bistra
Filip Šovagović, Croatia

Last Day in a Pet's Life / Zadnji dan kućnog ljubimca
Jasna Zastavniković, Croatia

Father / Otac
Stanislav Tomić, Croatia

Black Coffee / Ono sve što znaš o meni
Bobo Jelčić, Nataša Rajković, Croatia

We keep right on program changes

In co-operation with the BUG magazine, which has already supported the Croatian film in the past (Sretno dijete and Seks, piće i krvoproliće) we have created a program of the Croatian film named Cubelets. It is a list of films which for one reason or other are not part of the official program. Either they have been screened at other international festivals or do not have the duration required. We will see two fist feature films from authors whom we know expressing themselves in different artistic forms and four films of young promising authors, three of which being world premieres. The best film according to our special jury will be awarded the Golden Carriage Award and a cutting computer, which, hopefully, will cut out many films for our festival in the years to come. In this way we hope to be of help and support to the Croatian film production and welcome the Croatian Ministry of Culture's action, going on for the last couple of years, to support financially short and middle-length films.

Members of the jury are: Marija Curić, representative of the BUG magazine, Igor Rakonić, distributor and owner of Discovery, the company which for the last few years has been systematically supplying Croatian film viewers with art films, and Ognjen Sviličić, whose last film took part in numerous festivals…

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