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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 22. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

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Jaisalmer Ayo, Gateway Of The Gypsies
India , 2003.

Directed by: Pepe Ozan, Melitta Tchaicovsky Greene
Script: -
Producer: Melitta Tchaicovsky Greene, Pepe Ozan | Artnetwork Productions
Cinematography: Pepe Ozan, Melitta Tchaicovsky
Editing: Kevin Pina
Music: -
Cast: -

Format: BETACam
Running time: 54'

This picturesque documentary was filmed in north-west India, the ancient land of the Roma. It introduces us to the ancient ways of life still present in some nomadic groups in Thar desert, province of Rajasthan, who are believed to have common ancestors with the Roma in Europe. Two authors, Pepe and Melitta, lived for seven months with an interesting group consisting of fakirs, dancers, storytellers, traders, blacksmiths, musicians .. and traveled with them from village to village in a constant struggle to survive. The wealth of scarce Indian nomads, whose existence is very questionable, is enriched throughout the film with the interesting soundtrack of original Rajasthani music, which introduces their customs, dances and various rituals that have not changed for centuries.

The film was shown in the official program of International Film Festival in Rotterdam, and it won the best documentary film award at Video Festival in San Francisco.

Directors Biography
Pepe Ozan is a sculptor, designer and video artist. He was born and raised in Argentina, where he graduated humanities. His sculptures are frequently exhibited in various galleries, but also in the streets of Argentine cities. Among his video-artist successes are the awarded documentary 'Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source' and 'Gateway of the Gypsies'. He is currently interested in social issues and works on experimental documentaries.

Melitta Tchaicovsky Greene is a photographer, graphic designer and video artist born in Rio de Janeiro where she completed Visual Communication Studies. Her film experience comprises the cooperation with Swedish television on a documentary on Brazil as well as the production and direction of a documentary for a Californian TV station. She worked on 'Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source' and 'Gateway of the Gypsies' with Pepe Ozan and she is also currently interested in social issues and the work on experimental documentaries.

Location and screening schedule: VIP cinema &td, Thursday, October 20th at 18

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